Retail Mortgage Lending

A retail loan is similar to a mortgage loan acquired to buy a real estate property. The primary difference is that mortgage loan secures a residence, whereas a retail loan secures a commercial retail property. banks and private investors can supply funding for a retail location, such as a stand-alone retail store or a strip mall.

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Traditional Lenders. Retail lending is a widely established business across the financial sector and garners a significant amount of profit for lending institution. popular retail lending products include personal loans, line of credit accounts, credit cards, home equity lines of credit and mortgages.

Retail mortgage origination is the process of soliciting and qualifying borrowers to purchase a mortgage loan. A mortgage loan originator helps a borrower purchase a home through the use of a mortgage loan, which is a loan that uses a personal residence as its collateral.

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Mortgage lending will also take into account the (perceived) riskiness of the mortgage loan, that is, the likelihood that the funds will be repaid (usually considered a function of the creditworthiness of the borrower); that if they are not repaid, the lender will be able to foreclose on the real estate assets; and the financial, interest rate.