How hot does it get in Laredo Texas?

But one that always catches my eye this time of the year is Laredo, Texas. It is not abnormal to have a temperature of 100 degrees and even in February. In April, they had a high of 108. This seems to happen year after year, and they remain the warmest city in Texas year round. There is the map so you can get a general idea where Laredo is.

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The Ford Focus RS is the most lustworthy European hot hatch forbidden to us Yanks. considering that they have to drive from Monterrey to a border crossing in Laredo the next day. The following.

Why does Laredo and McAllen Texas get so hot during certain days in the winter and spring ? And is it just a coinisicende that the days in which temperatures – which have been as hot as the mid 90’s in January, and 103 in February (last month on the 28th – during yet another severe event in the south east) and 106 in March.

Yesterday, February 4th, the high in Laredo was 98 degrees. I can’t think of any other place in Texas, or anywhere in the United States for that matter, that sees temperatures that high in February. In January, the temperature came close to hitting 90 degrees twice. Meanwhile, San Antonio, not very far away saw a high of 84 degrees.

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Over the past year, there have been many times I’ve wanted to tell you all what life is like here. Really like. It strikes me to write it at moments I can’t (like mostly driving along the border) and by the time I get home I’ve forgotten. So here’s what life is like in El Paso, Texas: It’s still hot.

The latest Houston and Texas news and photos with local news from houston area communities on and Houston Chronicle.. These 25 hot’ jobs pay at least $100K. how hot does houston get? (Dallas, Atlanta: oven, cities. – If you average the coastal parts of Houston with north and west Houston, you get lower temps, but Houston.

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Hot, hot, hot. I live in central CA which gets hot, but I think Texas is hotter. Well over 100 and in the 105 + range. Once on a trip through Texas it was so hot I decided to go to the public pool.